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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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which will enable me to keep the goodwill of both the parties.'*
Then he  delivered  an  ambiguous  message to   the   suledfi*:
"As  soon  as  I  should join......Rajabhuvara  is   a   powerir*i
Padusaha.    Paying attention  to what I am saying, arrange
the affairs with foresight, so that victory should be won 1 "*
Having delivered this message to the subedat^ he honoured
him according to his position by presenting him cloths and
jewels, and sent him away. The sitbedar returned to (the camp
of) the three Padnsahas, and told them how he had communi-
cated their message to All! Yadula Saha.
(Meanwhile news reached Vidyanagara that the Three
Padusahas having entered into an agreement with Alii Yadula
Saha were marching forward. As soon as this information
reached the Senapaii Bisalappa Nayaka, he communicated it
to Eajabhuvara. In the same manner, all the ministers sub-
mitted to the king (and said),—f.
" Yon, whom people call Navakoti Narayana, are a great
monarch of extraordinary prowess. J You should not abandon
this affair at this junctare. The enemies having bravely
advanced are beginning to arrive. If you remain inactive,
(they) wiil increase in turbulence, harass and ruin the
* The pasiAg* in the original it very corrupt. It is not possible to atAJce out the
exact sense. There i* probably a lacuna, here la the text' Therefore only the gist of tb»
p&<;« age is giv«c,
The ccrresponcHng portiom ia the LO,M, ran* thus:—
" He obsei\-ed to ths Subedar that Rasiaranz* -was very pcwerfnl and to attempt
his entire subversion was a rerions matter requiring serious deliberation and much mor«
powerful sapp^rt than hi?; that by all manna it vas necessary to weigh -well the measure
proper for conquering him in -war."—7.0.J/., p. 177.
t T.0.3T., p. 177 has the following :~~
" Busalapa. Naik, the Senapati of the Narapatee, having information that th<
Badsbmhs had prevailed on Ally Adi] Shah to join them and that they were about march
ing into his dominions acquainted Ramarayaloo together -with ids minister*
addfetsinc him a* foHov*:"
t * King over all Kisg>; Navafcoti N'ajfayan., sovereign of conatle»»